Community Residence Program Group Descriptions

Arts & Crafts - Participants work on craft projects for their own use, to give as gifts or to use for holiday decorations. Specific crafts include Macrame, tie-dye, wood working, flower arranging, doll making, food decorating, paper mache, and knitting.

Art Therapy - Art therapy is the therapeutic use of art. The process of creation helps increase awareness of self and others, cope with symptoms, manage stress, and enhance cognitive abilities. Different mediums are used to achieve individual goals within group. They include painting, clay, paper mache, and others.

Book Club - Participants take trips to local libraries, book stores, and book shows to explore different types of literature and reading materials.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT )
- Participants learn methods to make better decisions, better assessments and interpretation of events around them, increased confidence, and expansion of the self beyond being mentally ill.

Community Outing - Participants choose local community events to attend. These outings serve to build social skills, entertain, and learn comfort in the community. Examples include visits to the museums, art galleries, theatre, Pow Wow, parades, festivals, etc.

Dinner & Lunch Out - Participants choose local restaurants for weekly lunch and dinner meals. This group teaches social skills, and increases comfort in the community.

Healthy Living - Participants learn the importance of good eating habits, exercise, hygiene, and keeping Dr.'s appointments.

Life Skills - Budgeting, time management, and communication skills are covered in this group. People skills are practiced in areas of boundaries, respect, and confrontation. Participants also learn confidence and general problem solving for everyday practice.

Meal Planning - The objective of this group is to teach skills relevant to menu planning and preparation. Participants plan the weekly menu for the houses and organize the shopping list according to the ingredients for the recipes.

Movie - This group provides entertainment, increased comfort in the community, and confidence in independent functioning. Participants negotiate a movie choice at one of the local theatres.

Necessity Shopping - Participants shop local stores to purchase personal items. Comparison shopping, budgeting, and making informed spending decisions are all skills practiced in this group.

Relationship Building - This is a discussion forum that addresses skills necessary for healthy and productive relationships of every nature. Some of the topics covered in this group are: setting boundaries, communication skills, building trust, forgiveness, and conflict resolution.

Women's Outing - This is a weekly leisure group where the participants choose the activity. Examples of past outings include spa treatments, garage sale and antique mall shopping, craft shows, etc.